United Kingdom has been dubbed as ‘Whiplash Capital of Europe” by its own Transport Secretary; Justine Greening. The fundamental reason behind this is soaring number of accident claims in the country. According the a report in the Daily Mail; the number of claims is soaring up by 20% each year.

This figure is not less than a nightmare for the British drivers because this compensation culture is going to add additional £400 million to the cost of automobile insurance. In this regards, Actuarial professionals have identified North-Western England is the most terrible region for claims. However, the rising number of claims has also complicated standard process of winning a reasonable compensation.

Therefore, every case requires attention to detail and maximum care. In the following, I am sharing 5 very simple but highly effective tips to help you win your claims and receive maximum compensation.

1: Collect Reasonable Evidence:

Remember, law demands evidence and cases are won on the basis of supporting proofs and stats. Therefore, collect a reasonable amount of proofs for your help. The evidence can be state of the road, type of vehicles involved in the collision, condition of the car, driver’s state while on the road, and much more. It is strongly recommended that you take photographs of the incident, the damages, and the site.

2: Document Everything:

Documentation can save you from any embarrassment before the jurists. We may overlook certain important point at some stage; therefore, document everything that has happened. Record the details of driver, vehicle, insurance details, contact number, witnesses, and passengers. This record will not be less than a blessing during the hearing of the case.

3: Never Give Your Statement:

Yes, this is probably one of the most important factors in winning or losing a case. Avoid making any statement to insurance company or irrelevant people. If they insist you to record a statement, ask to consult your lawyer before giving a formal oral or written statement. Insurance companies can use certain tactics to take the statement and later, manipulate them against you in the hearing.

4: Hire a Competent Lawyer:

In order to avoid certain professional and tactical complexities of the proceedings, hire a competent lawyer. As per laws in the United Kingdom, claims cases are fought on the basis of ‘No Win, No Fee”. This means, if lawyer fails to win it for the client, he owes no fee to him. Provide your details to the attorney and help him win the case for you. The help can be in the shape of evidence that you have already recorded and complete assistance.

5: Be Honest:

Honesty is the best policy, everywhere. Some folks make false statements to the doctors or exaggerate things in the pursuit of some ‘hefty compensations’. This is not only unethical but also risks your chances of victory. So, be honest and explain the truth to your lawyer and doctor.