Who is Most at Risk for Being a Dog Bite Victim?

You are automatically more at risk if there is a dog in the home. Even more of a risk factor is present if you live with more than one dog. While children ages 5-9 are the most frequent dog bite victims, men follow in second place. Even if your own dog is normally not aggressive, be cautious when it is hurt or sick; it is very common for a normally docile and loving dog to turn on its owner in a time of pain or fear.

Are Dog Bites Really Very Common?

Unfortunately, all too common. Considering that not all bite victims report the incident, it is estimated by the US Center for Disease Control that 4.5 million bites occur in the US every year. This figure is more than likely an underestimate. With approximately 70 million dogs in the United States, serious injuries from dog attacks should not be a surprise.

Are There Some Tips on Preventing a Dog Bite?

One of the key ways to avoid a serious dog attack is to avoid being around known vicious dog breeds. No matter what the owner says or believes, the known dangerous dog breeds are involved in a disproportionately high number of serious and or fatal maulings. Never leave a young child or baby alone with a dog, no matter how docile you perceive it to be. Proper training and socializing of animals goes a long way towards staying safe.

What is the First Thing I Should Do After a Dog Bite?

Always seek medical treatment for any canine bite. You may have injuries that you are not aware of initially. Nerve damage, injuries involving tendons or bones can result in lifelong problems. One of the more serious consequences of a bite by a dog can involve infection which can be deadly. Rabies is also a concern, and should be treated immediately. It is particularly important to have young children and babies evaluated medically as soon as possible. Emotional trauma may also be an issue.

What Should I Do Next?

After seeking medical treatment, contact an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in dog bite law. This can be a very complicated and complex situation, and you need the advice and consultation of a true expert. You may need to file a dog bite claim with an insurance company, gather any witness statements, provide all medical records, and give a personal statement as a result of the dog bite attack. This is a very serious legal situation, and you should not try to go this alone. Be sure you have an experienced and qualified dog attack attorney on your side, fighting for you and your best interests.