You need to collect necessary documents, prepare for an interview, and finally track the visa status on the certain resources.

Here is a sample list:

1. Foreign passport

2. 2 color photographs sized 3.5 x 4.5 cm (80% of the face)

3. A copy of the internal passport

4. A copy of the marriage certificate

5. Agreement for the visa application center with a signature.

6. Form for the Consulate filled with block letters in Latin by blue pen

7. For employees: certificate of employment, which contains the position, seniority, vacation time and wages of employees in the last 6 months.

8. For private entrepreneurs: the original and copy of the enterprise registration documents issued by the local authorities and the last tax bill.

9. Confirmation of your own funding resources

After the submitting of the all documents, you can check the visa status after three days. We will discuss how to do this below.

Passports and visas.

These documents are an essential part for people who visit the various EU countries, US and other states where a visa is required to enter. Passports and visas are the main documents that must be provided by the person to enter. The visa can be obtained in another country’s consulate or embassy. Sometimes, this issue can also be addressed by accredited visa centers. You can also get a visa at the Foreigner Regional Registration Office.

Do not forget that passports and visas must be in perfect order for leaving, otherwise you will not enter any foreign country.

Check visa status online.

Detailed instructions:

There are several different options to monitor the readiness of the visa and check the passport status. If you apply for the US visa alone, you can use a variety of ways.

Check Visa Status Online on a Special Website

The site of the State Department Consular Center has a special section referring to which you can find out the status of your US visa. To use this system, you need to click on the link and enter your data. To obtain correct results, check that the first line of the selected item is «NONIMMIGRANT VISA», and the second has the right specification of the country and the city of the application. In the third field you need to enter the number of your DS-160 form, which you can find on the page of confirmation. After clicking the «Submit» button, a window will be opened, which information will help you to track your visa status.

Check Visa Status Online via E-Mail

There is another way to check the location of a passport with an American visa – send an e-mail to the visa support service. You need to write an e-mail in order to do this. The topic and the letter must specify the number of your foreign passport in the format, which was specified in your profile at the registration in the system. Any modification will lead to the fact that the system can read the number and send you incorrect information or report nothing at all.