If you’re facing the end of your marriage, you may feel confused by the legal process and overwhelmed by how to proceed. You may also be afraid that making the wrong decisions could cause you to lose time with your children, forfeit some of your property, or take a large financial hit. Before proceeding any further, it’s important to hire a qualified family law attorney to help you through the process. Here are five questions you should ask before choosing the right family law attorney for you.

1. What Is the Firm’s Communication Policy?

The first question to ask before hiring a family law attorney is what is the firm’s specific communication policy. Be sure to ask what is the response time for day-to-day questions and whether the office prefers to communicate via telephone calls or email. Knowing the firm’s communication policy can be crucial in how quickly your case moves forward.

2. How Many Cases Does Each Lawyer Handle at One Time?

The second question to ask is how many cases each lawyer at the firm manages at one time. If it’s an office that has a high volume of cases, you will need to know what procedures they have in place to manage the heavy workload. It’s helpful to ask if they have staff to assist with the caseload or if there’s a point of contact in case of emergencies.

3. What Kind of Price Guarantees Are in Place?

The third question to ask is whether or not the firm offers any price guarantees. Many attorneys bill their clients on an hourly rate, but some charge a flat rate for all work performed. If a flat rate is not used, ask for a price outline that will give you at least an approximate idea of total price. Make sure to understand the pricing structure so that you can plan for the upcoming impact on your finances.

4. What Have Past Clients Said about the Firm?

The fourth question to ask is about references and what past clients have to say about the firm. Ask the family law attorney you’re considering to provide you with client testimonials. You can also check online review sites. The reviews should provide you with a pattern that will likely give you a good idea of what you will be dealing with as far as client service.

5. What Experience Does the Law Firm Have with Cases like Yours?

Finally, the fifth question to ask is what experience the law office has with a case like yours. In particular, inquire about what depth of knowledge the lawyer has with your specific type of case and what their track record of success is in that area. Choose a family law attorney that understands you and your situation.

Once you’ve conducted the initial consultations and had the opportunity to review the answers to these important questions, you should be in a much-improved position to make an informed choice and hire the right counsel for your case.