Imagine being stalked on Cyberspace. Or even worse…Having your daughter threatened by an unknown, but online attacker. The job of an Internet investigator is to find out who is behind these attacks and help the client get them stopped.

Believe it or not, these types of cyber attacks is an every day occurrence. For businesses, attacks can range all the way from simply an unhappy patron who maybe is a bit over zealous in their reviews to ex-employees or competitors who post lots of rip off reports, anonymous blogs, Facebook posts, etc. about how bad the business is to it’s clients; the bad part however is that all the information is made up. And this can even get much worse with executives of companies being threatened, defamed, or much, much worse. While the advent of the Internet has been truly remarkable, for some it is their worst nightmare.

When you talk with people that work at an Internet investigative firm, the stories that they can tell are down right scary.

For non-businesses, the same kinds of things can happen. As an example, untold numbers of people get completely embarrassed by untrue (or over embellished) information posted about them all the way to psychopaths threatening them or their family.

Regardless of the type of problem, their is a new type of investigator that is arriving on the scene… Specifically Internet investigators or cyber private detectives. Unlike the private eye of old, these detectives are skilled in the art of tracking down the people that are guilty of perpetrating these frequently criminal activities. Many attackers are somewhat technically sophisticated and use Internet proxies or other tricks to make it even more difficult to track them. Professional cyber detectives know how to deal with the obstacles put in place by the perpetrator and can help their clients come to a rapid solution.

While we can’t reveal many of the high tech tactics used by Internet investigators, we can at least give you an idea of what they can do. Frequently, when retained by a client who is under attack, these licensed private detectives will ask you tons of questions about the attacks, if you know who is doing them, and what specifically you would like to do about. For example, some clients simply want the aggressor found and then legally force the person to stop. Others not only want them found but want hard proof so they can work with an attorney to seek damages.

If you or some person or company you know is being attacked, then it can pay huge dividends to seek a professional.