By now we have all heard of cyber bullies and cyber stalkers. These are the people that lurk in the shadows of the Internet and use their anonymity to lash out at innocent people. they will stalk, harass, and defame good honest people and their families. But if you have a cyber bullies are there also cyber bodyguards that can come to your defense?

The answer is yes! There are cyber investigators that specialize in locating and identifying trouble makers online. They do this by tracing the cyber bully’s email address back to the sender to get a name and address on them. They can even take an anonymous post on Craigslist or Facebook and identify the author of that too.

Some of these online bodyguards will also consult with you on how to counter existing defamatory comments and blogs posts. They can show you how to neutralize the false negative information and emphasize the true positive information about you. This is accomplished through something called search engine optimization. A method used to manipulate the search engines to show positive information you on the top search engine results and force the false negative comments to lower search engine ranking places.

An Internet bodyguard will work in the same way that a real life body guard will work. They will assess the threat to you. Identify the persons making that threat. Remove you from the threatening situation, neutralize the persons making the threat. But an Internet bodyguard can also repair the damage the stalker has created by creating positive true Internet content about you.

The next step may be to help prepare a civil case to litigate against your stalker. A private investigator that specialized in cyber body guarding can also run a background check on the cyber bully. Determine their worth. Document all the offences and help your attorney prepare a case against them. It could just be for a restraining order or it may be to recover financial damages.

So while we may hear a lot about Internet Cyber bullies it’s good to know there are good guys out there working hard to protect the victims of cyber stalkers. Not only to locate and identify the stalker but also repair the online damage and assist you in documenting and preparing litigation. A stalker my be able to hide but they can’t run forever. They will be caught sooner or later.

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